About the Campaign

Dear fellow citizens: Please join us—today—in relaunching the 9/11 Commission Campaign, working for a citizens’ 9/11 commission. We need your help to create a new investigation that is:

• free of governmental interference
• fully funded by we, the people
• vested with subpoena power

The best (and possibly the only) path to accomplish this objective is through the exercise of direct democracy at the state level. This entails placing a ballot initiative before voters in one (or more) of the 24 states that have an initiative law.

Our goal: get on at least one state ballot in 2014

Our initial goal was to qualify in at least one state during the election year of 2012, but we did not raise sufficient funding for that major task in the few months we had after our website launched on July 4th, 2011. The states we were at first targeting were Oregon, Alaska, and California.  Later Massachusetts developed into our best option due to several factors, primary among them being committed and capable 9/11 activists in that state.  Once we get on one or more ballots, hopefully in 2014, our next task will be a historic campaign to pass each initiative into law. After our success in any one of these state campaigns, then things get really interesting. As we begin seating the new 9/11 commission, other states, counties, and cities will be able to endorse and support this new law (through the “joint powers agreement” provision of the 9/11 initiative law we are now filing in the target states). Soon, the entire country could be on record at the grassroots level for supporting a new commission, an unprecedented breakthrough for 9/11 truth!

Why a new 9/11 Commission? Why now?

As new evidence mounts month after month, it has become increasingly evident that the events of 9/11 remain an unsolved crime.  America can no longer believe the official 9/11 Commission Report, any more than the two commission chairmen who recently commented:
“We were set up to fail . . .”
“We were lied to . . . ”
Based on numerous polls, we believe that as many as 100 million of us are still awaiting closure on this issue.

New funding is urgently needed to relaunch this effort.

We need these funds for:

• website expenses and upgrades, promotional material printing, operating expenses

• hiring paid staff (currently, all of us are again volunteers – we had to let our only paid staff member go in February due to lack of funds)

• gathering sufficient signatures to qualify for ballot initiatives

• inspiring large donors to participate in this campaign, by demonstrating a widespread base of support through small donations

Calling all citizens and patriots! The time is now!

The time is now to see the questions posed by millions of 9/11 truth activists finally get answered. Please donate $10 or more, and pass on the request to others. Let’s get a new 9/11 commission, and allow the truth to lead us where it may.




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