FAQ: What about the failure of NYC-CAN?

A:  We at 9-11cc do not think that NYCCAN was entirely a failure, or that money spent on it was wasted. At a minimum, 80,000 people in NYC who signed the petitions are more aware of the questionable government story line about 9/11, and millions more became aware of the 9/11 truth activists' argumentation.  Also, we showed ourselves in our movement and we showed those in NYC and beyond that there is serious citizen interest in a new investigation into the event of 9/11.  As a result, our credibility and viability increased markedly.  So the NYCCAN petition drive was a giant step forward, and the NYCCAN organization continues on to this day as a viable and active force for 9/11 truth.

It is sometimes said that we seldom learn from success, since we rarely pause to analyze how we succeeded – only when we fail do we analyze and study what we did right and what was wrong. It is the pause for reflection that gives us the insight and knowledge as to how to improve not only our approach to projects, but also how we improve as human beings.  In that sense, NYCCAN was a major success.


(see also: Is the Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign's approach legally sound?)

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