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Every movement needs moral support and activists.Not all of our Affiliates may have donated  funds, but we are just as grateful for their voluntary activities, their encouragement, and their suggestions. A key but not mandatory activity of Affiliates is to get resolutions of support passed by the elected officials in your town, city, county, or even state. If your organization would like to become an Affiliate, please email us a big “yes.” We’ll be looking for your suggestions and input.

To become an Affiliate, send your organization’s name and contact info to:
[email protected]

Sign up as an Affiliate, and you’ll receive a
batch of our 9/11 postcards (see front and back below).
Remember to send us a physical address!





6 Responses to Affiliate with!

  1. Jeff Burns says:

    I glad that Mike Gravel is tackler this problem. The criminal elitists and shadow government fascists are destroying our country.

  2. Dominic Zito says:

    I would be honored to affiliate myself with such a cause. Is there a petition to sign? Good luck in your quest for an independent, impartial investigation to answer the tough questions that the “official” 9/11 committee either omitted, overlooked or ignored.

    • Ken Freeland says:

      Thanks for your good wishes, Dominic. Other than the ballot initiative for citizens of Massachusetts, there are no petitions to sign at the moment. Affiliation is done by an organization, not an individual…any organization is welcome to affiliate!

  3. Marilyn McEntyre says:

    Thank you so much for your contribution to this campaign, and for your inspiring talk at the Toronto Hearings. We’ll be tracking this initiative in CA, especially. Heard a Guatemalan woman on Democracy Now this morning say simply, “We cannot let criminals run our country.” Neither can we–and a lot of them are working behind the scenes, still cashing in on the capital they amassed in the aftermath of 9/11/01. I recommend James Douglas’ JFK and the Unspeakable–recent reinvestigation with a lot of analogies to this issue.

  4. Alan Scarfe says:

    There has been no more critical issue over the last decade than getting to the truth of what happened on 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of people have died unnecessarily and millions have been impoverished. Without the global body politic coming to terms with this truth human life on the entire planet will remain in very serious jeopardy. My novel The Vampires of 9/11 takes a satirical look at America’s refusal to face this horror. It is available from all the major internet outlets and in Italian from Gargoyle Books in Rome. See

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